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LEGO ART Mona Lisa

Loo oma meistriteos LEGO Art Mona Lisa (31213) maali ehituskomplektiga


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Loo oma meistriteos Mona Lisa seinakunsti LEGO® ehituskomplektiga täiskasvanutele ja esitle seda uhkelt oma kodus.

• Brick-built Mona Lisa painting – Create your own Leonardo da Vinci art masterpiece with this LEGO® Art Mona Lisa building set for adults
• LEGO® wall art – This LEGO interpretation of the Mona Lisa has been specially designed to hang on a wall
• Detachable frame – This Mona Lisa wall decor idea is held within a gold-colored frame, which can be used to display other LEGO® Art pieces from an existing collection
• Home decor idea with 2 sets of eyes – The Mona Lisa’s famous eyes can be swapped with blank pieces to give the painting a more abstract appearance
• Gift for men, women and art-lovers – A treat for yourself or a home decor gift idea for other art-lovers who enjoy an immersive and creative activity
• Celebrate a masterpiece – This LEGO® Art set comes with an instructions booklet, and you can scan a QR code to listen to a Soundtrack packed with content about the painting and its timeless appeal
• LEGO® sets for adult artists – The LEGO Art range gives adults the chance to create brick-built art inspired by some of their biggest passions to display at home or in the office
• Dimensions – This Mona Lisa painting has 1,503 pieces, to represent the year Leonardo da Vinci began to paint it, and measures over 17 in. (43 cm) high, 11.5 in. (30 cm) wide and 1.5 in. (4 cm) deep

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LEGO ART Mona Lisa 31213L

LEGO ART Mona Lisa

Loo oma meistriteos LEGO Art Mona Lisa (31213) maali ehituskomplektiga
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