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Globisens pH Electrode pH 0-14 Each

pH electrode


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Product Description:

PH Sensor Probe Electrode E201 with BNC connector is made of pH glass and a reference electrode combined composite electrode. It is widely used in various fields to measure pH levels between PH 0 to 14. The PH Sensor Probe needs to be connected with an electronic device for the PH measurement.

Technical Parameters of PH Sensor:

Measuring range: 0 ~ 14pH
Temperature: 0 ~ 60 C
Zero pH value: 7 ± 0.25pH
Size: 12 × 120 (mm)
Working Environment:

Ambient temperature 5-40 degrees
Relative humidity: 85%
Maintenance and Precautions:

Test before removing the electrode protective sleeve (kit solution is 3MKCL, if there are crystals oozing is normal and does not affect the use of electrodes).
Observe whether all sensitive bulb filled with liquid inside, if there is a bubble, you should gently shake the electrode downward (like rejection thermometer) to remove air bubbles inside the sensitive bulb, otherwise it will affect test accuracy.
Package Include:
1x BNC Connector Electrode PH Probe Sensor
Note: Color and Appearance may be different.

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Globisens pH Electrode pH 0-14 Each GAC0003

Globisens pH Electrode pH 0-14 Each

pH electrode
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